Friday, June 21, 2013

Review Bath and Body Works Triple Moisture Body Cream

If yesterday i was reviewing about hand cream, now i'm gonna give a review about Bath and Body Works Triple Moisture Body Cream. Like i said before, now i'm addict with moisturizer kind of things because 8-9hours in my days has spent in office which is AC room makes my skin dry. And i already told that BBW is one of my favorite body products (Yes, i love their body wash, body lotion, anti bacterial a.k.a The famous pocbac, hand foaming gel, fragrance thing-y, and more).

Maybe there's one of you don't know what is the different between Body Lotion and Body Cream or Body Butter. The different is, Body lotion has a watery and lighter texture than Body Cream/Body butter does. And also they have a different type of staying power and benefit to our skin. Body cream/Body butter has a thicker and rich texture, which is it's more have a lot moisturizer on it. Means, Body cream/Body butter is very good for who have a dry/very dry skin. But, the weakness is Body cream/Body butter is leaving a super moist feels and sometimes it's so greasy if you apply it in outdoor, where the weather is so humid. Your skin will feels sticky and of course it's so uncomfortable.
But, if you live in a cold climate or at least your 9hours/day has spent in AC room like me, so Body cream/Body butter will be a good choice...

I'm sorry for the bad lightning. My last hand is look whiter. Eeerrrr! Otherwise, look how thick and rich the texture are. So moisten your skin well <3

What i LIKE about this BBW Triple Moisture Body Cream are...
1. As you may see, the scent is Vanilla based on its named "Vanilla Bean Noel" and i loooovveee Vanilla scent so much. It's really calming and soothing. Plus, Vanilla scent is so yummy scent like you're in bakery. Hahhaha... I feel like i wanna lick my hand. 
2. It's contain a lot of product (236 ml) so that's a good deal ^_^
3. Moisten up my skin well.. And its longevity is pretty good. 
4. Easy to absorb on your skin without leaving a sticky feels. But, i still dont recommended to wear this kind of type if you have a lot of activities in outdoor.
5. The packaging is cute as the other BBW products does
6. The price is affordable enough. It's IDR 170 for 236 ml (Plus, you surely takes a time to finish one bottle. Because you just need a mount of its product for your every part of your body) something if you buy PO in FB or Femaledaily seller. It's gonna be more cheap if you buy it straight to the US store..

And, what i DISLIKE about this....
The packaging is bulky and not travel friendly. Hence, BBW made the travel size product and i shouldn't make it a reason, right? Hahahhaha....

Well, That's my quick review about it. I hope you enjoy and HAVE A NICE DAY Evveryone <3


  1. great review! love Bath&body works! itu Noel, edisi natal lho..aku punya yang kemasan kecilnya, easy for travelling..tapi karena kulit aku sensi banget ama body lotion ato body butternya, jadi kudu beli yang packaging kecilnya..huhuh...but i do love body mistnya Noel...=D thanks for the review!xx

  2. Haiii ncy..
    Thanks for dropping by. Yes i really really really love BBW! And i'm still wishing if they will open their store here, and of course the price is same with the US Store. Hahahaha...... Ngiimmpiiiiiii


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