Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Review GEO Bella Lens in Blue

Holllaaaa Hello Hallo Haiii....
Today i'm gonna make a review about another contact lens that i have. You know, i like using a lens since back then. No, i'm not following a trend to create a "Cutey-Pie" look with circle lens, or the so-called "Dolly Eyes" & "Gyaru" whatsoever.  It's just because of i have a high minus of my eyes, and sort of my friend suggest me to wear a contact lens for the better looks or even better (You know, i have a sensitive eyes in the contact lens world, so it's hard for me to find a comfortable lens in the market).

So, i start to my experience by searching the right lens for me. Right lens which means: 1. Comfort when use, 2. Affordable Price, 3. Available in high minus, 4. The color & the pattern should be pretty...
My adventure from one brand to another brand. So at the end, i decide that GEO Contact Lens is the right choices. I found what i was searching from a lens (Like i mention above). So i wanna give a review about My-Another-GEO Lens...

GEO Xtra Series
Bella WBS-202 Blue
READY for MINUS ( WBS 202, WBS 204, WBS 205 ) until 6.00
Water Content : 38%
Diameter : 15.00
B.C. 8.70

I got this free transparent case... yay!

So here's ME using this lens...

It's a very beautiful Natural-Deep Blue lens, right?! Very wearable and not look weird or even scary. At all...

Well this is my honest opinion about this lens...
- The color looks so pretty. It's a deep blue with a black ring on it
- It looks a bit bright in the pan, but it blends well when i used it
- One thing that i really like about this lens is it's really natural & wearable although the color is blue. And i think this will be suits on every skintone
- It has a thin surface
- It's quite comfortable to use. I used it from 12am to 12pm.. Even though i often to drop an eye drop during using this lens
- Not make a scary effect when used. Because of the pattern is natural and not like the Nudy or Super Nudy (This lens almost has a bright and has a lots of vines on the motives)
- I give the point 3.8/5 for its convenience... (Yeah, I still keep saying that my GEO Super Nudy Brown --> HERE is more comfy than this one)

What i dislike about this lens...
- Even though this lens is quite comfortable, but i have to rub & clean the lens after 4-5hours of use. If it's not, my eyes will starting to be itchy and feels dry, but it happened when i was in the air conditioner room for a long time, if i'm in outdoor, it would feel OK... And overall i could say that those thing isn't annoy me. I still feel comfy as the other GEO lens. 

i bought this lens in Tomato Online Shop Yay... ^_^
I got this lens from their promo "Buy 1 Get 1" ( I already post the same thing in previous post HERE )
Please let her know if you wanna grab some lens. You'll get disc 10% if you purchase a lens by knowing her with the disc code "CATRASAMOEDRO"

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